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Products & Services

Label design and Label printing


Self Adhesive Labels

Future Labels believe that a superior product is nothing without a quality label. It is due to this philosophy that we treat each and every label with the attention and focus it deserves from conception to completion. Our high level of customer service also ensures that before you buy stickers, you approve the stickers “hot off” the press.

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We are a leader in label design and label printing in various industries such as food, baking, beverage, chemical, detergent, oil, lubricants, retail, franchise, manufacturing, wholesale, warehouse, packaging, paint, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, wine, dairy, nursery, timber, government, marketing, design and re-sellers. With a centrally located factory and a national footprint, our mission is to build partnerships into the future, ensuring the highest level of quality manufactured products, supported by the fastest and most efficient service at the most competitive prices.

Our operations run a double shift of up to 24 hours a day enabling us to provide you the client with flexible lead times. Best of all there are no delivery charges within the greater Cape Town Metropolitan. We offer a large range of Printers, Consumables, Applicators, printed labels, laser printed sheets and digitally printed labels in smaller quantities.


Digital Labels

Digital labels are ideally suited for short label runs and fast turnaround label printing jobs as there is little set up time required and no plate costs are incurred. Digital label printing allows you to get the label you deserve within a fraction of the normal time required.

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Digital labels are generally supplied on sheets but can also be supplied on rolls upon request. Digital labels are ideal for introducing that new product line. All that is required from you is the artwork in the highest possible resolution digital format and we will take care of the rest. Digital labels are suitable for all types of industries, see our labels by industry page.

Before agreeing to the total job, request a sample label of exactly what it is that you are ordering. We are confident that you will be impressed with the high quality label and the fastest possible turnaround times available. Should you wish to make a change to the label at the point of evaluating the sample, no problem as no new plates will be required – which in turn saves you money.

Should you wish to print variable data including barcodes, consecutive numbers, or even 4 colour process images request a quote now. Digital printing allows you to get creative, change you label as often as you change your underwear or just as often as the changes in the seasons. Digital label printing can unlock unlimited possibilities for your brand today at prices that will suit even the most demanding industries.


Label Design and label printing

Our graphic design and repro team have the ability to turn your dream concept into reality. The designers are highly certified so quality workmanship for label design is guaranteed. In addition we will produce the highest quality plate’s at best possible prices.

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In this ever-changing business landscape and highly demanding industry, we continuously strive to keep ahead of the times with our technologies. We boast the latest in Apple technology and are equipped to handle any jobs that require Apple or PC technologies. We can accommodate artwork in a host of formats including CorelDraw, Freehand, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Our commitment with regards to your label design is to ensure we get a clear understanding of your marketing objectives, so that our designers can advise on colour schemes, fonts and dynamic concepts.

We realise that asking the right questions can determine the success of your marketing or branding campaign, so we therefore ensure that synergy exists between our sales and design team who will ensure fast professional turnaround at all times.

We believe in going the extra mile so as to ensure 100% client satisfaction. So before any label printing or plate manufacturing happens our professional team will provide you with a best proof. Customer service is a priority on our list so before we manufacture your entire job we arrange to provide you with a sample hot off the press so as to make 100% sure that we have achieved your desired results. Request a sample now.